Small Molecule Analysis

Chemists in small molecule pharmaceutical drug discovery, development, and manufacturing/QA/QC labs rely on Waters technologies to analyze more compounds with better and faster results.

Whether that means optimizing your current laboratory output, or implementing a scalable and forward-looking solution that empowers you to achieve the innovation, productivity, and profitability goals that define your success, Waters works with you every step of the way.

Explore our laboratory solutions for small molecule analysis including sample preparation, chromatography, mass spectrometry, software, and informatics, compliance, applications expertise, and support services.

Medicinal Chemistry Solutions Analytical solutions that streamline the beginning of the journey of the molecule: confirming the identity and quality of new chemical entities.
不純物分析 UPLC是功能強大的分析工具,擁有高解析度辨識及定量原料藥(API)與其相關不純物之分析能力。
DMPK: Drug Metabolism and Pharmacokinetics A portfolio of solutions to support the pharmaceutical research and development, focusing on drug metabolism and pharmacokinetics (DMPK).
方法開發/確效 實驗室正面臨著壓力需要更有效率地進行分析方法開發、以及使用邏輯性開發安定性測試的分析條件, 而Waters技術將可大幅提升分析方法開發上的效率。
Natural Products & Traditional Medicines Designed for R&D laboratories analyzing natural products and traditional Chinese medicines (TCM), our application-focused solutions enable you to rapidly discover new compounds and move from complex sample to chemical and biological knowledge.
製造/品保/品管 要製造安全、有效的藥品,實驗室必須分析原物料、中間產物及最終的藥物產品。 Waters LC提供QA/QC實驗室之可靠數據可得知藥品純度和保存期限。
Generic Pharmaceuticals Generic Pharmaceutical companies around the world are taking advantage of the ability to convert HPLC methods to UPLC, to get drugs to market faster, while ensuring quality of their end product.
Regulated Bioanalysis Platform Solution with UNIFI Today's most advanced technology for regulated bioanalysis is also tomorrow's most advanced technology for regulated bioanalysis.
Metabolite Identification Application Solution with UNIFI Identify and characterize metabolites in both discovery and development better and faster than ever before. UPLC/QTof with fit-for purpose software, methods, chemistries, standards, and reagents for a new standard of what's possible in metabolite ID.
UNIFI天然產物解決方案 專為R&D實驗室設計用於進行天然產物和中藥分析,我們專注的應用解決方案可以使您快速從樣品提取轉至產品認知。解決方案基於強大精確質譜分析平臺和UNIFI軟體系統以及內置的傳統中藥資料庫,使您鑒定天然產物中化學成分結構的工作流程更加簡便。