Only a world-class drug development process
can have a worldwide effect.

From Boston to Bangalore, the demand for new and life-saving therapies has never been greater. The ability of Waters to help laboratories meet and exceed those demands, never better. Attribute it to a more than 50-year focus on innovation and a commitment to helping organizations worldwide in every way: analytically, scientifically, and operationally. 

Today, it's the focus on both small and large molecules. Tomorrow, there will be more change. But the constant is Waters, helping you to turn global industry challenges into the medicines that offer hope.

Learn about our purposeful innovations in sample preparation, separations science, standards and reagents, laboratory information management, and mass spectrometry that advance the journey of the molecule.

  • Health Sciences — Discovery research (proteomics, biomarkers, metabolomics, lipidomics, Omics, MALDI imaging, structural biology and characterization) through translational and clinical research and diagnostics
  • Small Molecule — Analyses performed to advance traditional small molecule drugs: Medicinal chemistry, bioanalysis or small and large molecules, drug metabolism and pharmacokinetics (DMPK), methods development, impurities analysis, natural products, quality control (QC), process analysis, and manufacturing
  • Biopharmaceutical — Characterization approach for primary structure (proteins, peptides, glycans), higher order structure (HOS) by hydrogen deuterium exchange with mass spectrometry (HDX MS), antibody drug conjugates (ADCs), host cell proteins (HCPs), as well as amino acid analysis, oligonucleotide, and RNAi analysis