Natural Products & Traditional Medicines

The names vary: traditional medicines (TM), therapeutic natural products, traditional Chinese medicines (TCM), herbal medicines. But one question always remains: How do they work? Analytical laboratories strive to understand their pharmacology in hopes of obtaining evidence-based validation of effectiveness and establish safe production guidelines.

Today, standard analytical techniques are being used more and more often across a variety of tasks, from screening to sample profiling to QA/QC. Waters can provide the high-quality separations and detection capabilities necessary to identify active compounds and chemical ingredients in highly complex samples. The Waters workflow-based approach, combined with user-friendly software, enables you to quickly perform sample analysis and obtain maximum information.

UNIFI天然產物解決方案 專為R&D實驗室設計用於進行天然產物和中藥分析,我們專注的應用解決方案可以使您快速從樣品提取轉至產品認知。解決方案基於強大精確質譜分析平臺和UNIFI軟體系統以及內置的傳統中藥資料庫,使您鑒定天然產物中化學成分結構的工作流程更加簡便。
天然產品/傳統草藥分析 使用純化及定性/定量層析及質譜分析等之技術,運用於有效候選藥品之判定,以及描述傳統草藥功效的特徵上。
合相層析 合相層析是分離科學的一個全新類別,拓展液相和氣相層析分離技術的使用範圍。