Waters is a leading supplier of tailored analytical solutions to meet the challenging demands of proteomics discovery research laboratories. From nanoscale LC-MS/MS, through our pioneering work in data independent acquisition to the unique ion mobility separations, our advanced systems are unique tools that maximize the information obtained in quantitative and qualitative protein discovery, identification, and post-translational modification for complex studies.

  • Discover - Combine the highest LC and MS system peak capacity with streamlined and fit-for-purpose quan/qual analytical workflows
  • Analyze - Progenesis QI for proteomics, quantify and identify proteins in your complex samples using the advantages of label-free analysis, and a highly intuitive, visually guided workflow
  • Characterize - Easily switch from routine bottom-up proteomic analysis to ETD for characterization of protein or peptide structure
  • Verify - Quantify biomarkers with accuracy and sensitivity on tandem quadrupole or high resolution Q-TOF mass spectrometers. As study size increases, and robustness becomes increasingly important, additional improvements in performance, reliability and throughput can be achieved with ionKey technology

Protein Biomarker Discovery Discover the benefits of high peak capacity UPLC separations plus High Definition MS for biomarker discovery. Combine data independent acquisition with cutting-edge informatics to accurately identify and quantify thousands of proteins in your samples.
Biomarker Translation Waters' solutions for biomarker verification and validation facilitate a smooth translation from discovery experiments to robust, high-sensitivity and high throughput tandem quadrupole or high resolution Tof-based quantification studies.
Structural Analysis of Proteins Combine ion mobility and ETD on the SYNAPT XS to elucidate the gas phase structure of protein macromolecular complexes. When coupled with HDX studies, Waters delivers unique molecular insights into structural biology.