Biomarker Translation and Clinical Research

The challenge of translating basic scientific research into useful clinical outcomes is a long and complex journey. With unmatched experience in developing regulatory cleared LC-MS diagnostic assays and long history in proteomics, metabolomics and lipidomics research, Waters is uniquely positioned to help researchers on the long journey from biomarker discovery through the various stages of biomarker verification and validation. Our research and translational systems portfolio combines industry leading separation sciences, mass spectrometry, consumables, informatics , assay development expertise and service support to provide unmatched performance for qualitative and quantitative analysis of proteins, metabolites, and lipids in a variety of physiological matrices.

Don’t trust your valuable research with outdated or unproven technologies. Biomarker translation requires both high-throughput assays as well as high sensitivity and resolution. Waters’ ionKey/MS System offers unique strengths to address these quantification needs for proteins and metabolites.

Targeted Omics Method Library Learn more about MetaboQuan and LipidQuan Method Packages that provide instant targeted omics LC-MS/MS methods, enabling you to generate accurate and precise results faster.
Biomarker Translation Waters' solutions for biomarker verification and validation facilitate a smooth translation from discovery experiments to robust, high-sensitivity and high throughput tandem quadrupole or high resolution Tof-based quantification studies.
Clinical Research LC-MS/MS is a valuable tool in clinical research applications, enabling reliable multi-component measurement of many endogenous/exogenous compounds at low concentration. For many applications LC-MS is now the technique of choice for clinical research.
Omics Research and Biomarker Discovery See our purposefully designed solutions for top-down or bottom-up analyses; targeted or untargeted studies; structural work to identify and confirm metabolites; or spatial localization of metabolites in biological tissues.
ionKey/MS The ionKey/MS System integrates the microflow UPLC separation directly into the source of the mass spectrometer with the iKey. This delivers LC-MS system performance and sensitivity that cannot be achieved any other way.