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Waters Targeted Omics Method Library, featuring MetaboQuan™ and LipidQuan™ method packages, provides instant access to a wide variety of LC-MS/MS methods, enabling your lab to bring high demand methods on line faster to generate confident results. The Library is an on-line source of downloadable method packages for analyte panels relevant in biomedical research. This feature helps labs meet the demands of increasing coverage while simultaneously containing costs and enhancing efficiencies.

Fast Forward to Results

At Waters we understand the many demands on your lab, which is why we have worked to develop rapid (-R) method packages for our MetaboQuan and LipidQuan methods. All methods with an (-R) designation are rapid, easy-to-deploy methods developed on a single Waters LC-MS/MS platform with a single, common workflow shared across all methods. That means your system* can run multiple different analyses without changing columns and mobile phases. And that translates into less downtime for your lab and more coverage for your customers.



All of the Targeted Omics Method Packages listed below are available for download.
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For Research Use Only. Not for Use in Diagnostic Procedures.**

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Method Package

Short Description

Application Note


A rapid, targeted RP UPLC-MS/MS method for the measurement of acylcarnitines without the need for derivitization. Simultaneous analysis of 20 acylcarnitines in a single analytical run that is under three minutes.

App Note

Amino Acids-R

 A rapid, high-throughput RP UPLC-MS/MS research method for the semi-quantitative analysis of derivatized amino acids samples for metabolomic research studies.

 App Note

Bile Acids-R

A rapid, targeted RP UPLC-MS/MS method for the measurement of bile acids for metabolomic research studies.

App Note

 Free Fatty Acids-R

A rapid, targeted RP UPLC-MS/MS method for measurement of free fatty acids for metabolomic research studies, without the need for derivitization.

 App Note







 Method Package

 Short Description

Application Note

High-Throughput HILIC-MS/MS

A high-throughput, quantitative and comprehensive HILIC UPLC-MS/MS method for the analysis of 16 polar and non-polar lipid classes in plasma.
(Hexosylceramide, (PE,LPE,PG,PI), (PC,LPC,SM), Free Fatty Acids)

 App Notes


A rapid RP UPLC-MS/MS methodology has been developed for the analysis of triglycerides in biomedical research.

 App Note







PlasmaDive 100

This application note demonstrates a high-throughput RP UPLC-MS/MS research method for the semi-quantitative analysis of various tryptic peptides in human serum samples.

 App Note



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What is Quanpedia?

Waters MassLynx software is equipped with Quanpedia - a “one stop” database for storing and sharing user defined LC/MRM acquisition methods and associated processing methods for the targeted quantification of named compounds. Quanpedia is a compound-centric database that may hold all UPLC chromatographic, MS/MS acquisition and TargetLynx quantification information in one place. Information may be imported from automated optimizations, existing methods, third party files or supplemented manually. 

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* These (-R) methods were developed on the Waters ACQUITY I-class with a fixed loop coupled with the Waters Xevo TQ-S micro without a column manager.  

** Remarks and Precautions

  1. For Research Use Only. Not for Use in Diagnostic Procedures.
  2. The analytical data presented in these application notes and method files are intended to demonstrate the robustness of a Waters research method. These data in no way substitute for independent method validation required by any applicable legal or laboratory standards.
  3. It is the user's responsibility to adopt appropriate quality control tests using standard samples to confirm qualitative and quantitative information obtained with this method package.


ACQUITY UPLC I-Class PLUS System The highest performing UPLC system ever engineered. With dramatically decreased dispersion for the highest resolution, rapid injection cycles and sample throughput with reduced carryover, it's clearly the superior inlet to any mass spectrometer.
CORTECS Columns Solid-core particle technology in 1.6 µm and 2.7 micron enables new levels of efficiency and performance in HPLC, UHPLC and UPLC. Chemistries include C18, C18+, T3, C8, Shield RP18, Phenyl & HILIC.
MassLynx Mass Spectrometry Software Software for MS and MS/MS analysis. Easy-to-use instrument controls and software features simplify interaction with your MS system and improve laboratory productivity.
Quanpedia Quanpedia is an extensible and searchable database for quantitative LC/MS and LC/MS/MS method information. Quanpedia simplifies and accelerates quantitative UPLC/MS/MS analytical method creation.
Xevo TQ-S micro Triple Quadrupole Mass Spectrometry A robust and sensitive tandem quadrupole MS with compact design, featuring robust performance with a wide dynamic range and high rates of data acquisition.

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