Glycan Standards and Reagents

Waters Glycan Standards and Kits are for released N-glycan labeling.  We offer standards in a wide variety of labels, 2-AB, 2-AA and RapiFluor-MS.  In addition, we offer complete kits for both 2-AB and RapiFluor-MS labeling in a variety of  sample sizes for low throughput to high throughput.

Glycan Standard & Kits Specifically formulated reference standards and high-quality reagents that help you benchmark and perform glycan applications using a variety of derivitazation labeling techniques or non-labeling column chemistries on any LC-MS system.
Набор для масс-спектрометрии N-гликанов GlycoWorks RapiFluor-MS Традиционные методы подготовки образцов для N-гликанов могут требовать больших временных затрат или сопряжены со снижением уровня чувствительности. Это ограничивает пропускную способность или получение детальной информации, по которой можно характериз
GlycoWorks 2-AB N-Glycan Kits The GlycoWorks Sample Preparation line along with the ACQUITY UPLC BEH Glycan Column is optimized for use with ACQUITY UPLC Systems with FLR detection for separating the released glycans of biopharmaceuticals as their 2-aminobenzamide (2-AB) derivatives.