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FlexMETHODS+ Flyer
Bibliotheks-Nummer: LITR135089972 | Format: PDF | File-Größe: 771.87 kB | Jahr: 2021 | Inhalt: Literatur

Let Waters experts safely migrate your validated methods to next generation LC platforms with FlexMETHODS+.

Improving Standards for Vitamin Analysis using Mass Detection
Bibliotheks-Nummer: LITR134978197 | Format: PDF | File-Größe: 182.63 kB | Jahr: 2018 | Inhalt: Literatur

In this case study, learn how Amway in partnership with Waters has developed industry-standard methods for vitamin analysis using the ACQUITY QDa Mass Detector, ACQUITY UPLC, and Empower CDS Software.

Video: The Value of an Automated and Compliant-Ready Platform for Biopharmaceutical Analysis: A CRO’...
Bibliotheks-Nummer: LITR134919046 | Format: Webpage | File-Größe: - | Jahr: 2016 | Inhalt: Literatur

A case study on Quality Assistance, a company that deployed compliant-ready Waters Biopharmaceutical Platform Solution with UNIFI to help them perform high-resolution UPLC-MS-based analyses.

Symphony Software Product Solution
Bibliotheks-Nummer: LITR134889913 | Format: PDF | File-Größe: 1372.49 kB | Jahr: 2016 | Inhalt: Literatur

Automate your LC-MS Data Analysis Routines

Interface Enables Waters NuGenesis ELN on the METTLER TOLEDO Balance Touch Screen
Bibliotheks-Nummer: LITR134715925 | Format: PDF | File-Größe: 968.04 kB | Jahr: 2012 | Inhalt: Literatur

New interface allows direct communication between the electronic execution method hosted in the NuGenesis ELN and the balances of the METTLER TOLEDO Excellence series.