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Overcoming LC-MS challenges with Waters: Sample preparation

Liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry (LC-MS) is a well-established tool for the identification and quantification of small molecules in research and industrial settings, but the technique has only recently moved into the healthcare arena. This cutting-edge technique has transitioned to a higher-throughput, safer, and lower-cost alternative to immunoassays for routine testing – enabling smaller labs to adopt the technology with ease.

As newer techniques continue to be developed for the clinical laboratory, the analysis of molecules within biological matrices has become more sensitive, specific, and sophisticated, with fewer pre-analytical steps required from lab personnel. Small molecule analysis can be performed on a variety of sample types in a clinical research setting—including whole blood, serum, plasma, urine and cerebrospinal fluid (CSF).

However, one of the key success factors for a proper analysis is sample preparation. Choosing the right sample clean-up method can sometimes be bewildering.


Why is sample preparation a key step to your LC-MS Analysis?

A streamlined and clean sample preparation:

  • Provides the target analyte(s) in solution
  • Provides the analyte(s) at a concentration appropriate for detection or measurement (concentrating the analyte helps increase sensitivity and achieve lower limits of detection)
  • Removes interfering matrix elements (such as phospholipids, salts, proteins, nucleic acids, sugars, etc.) that alter the MS response or co-elute with the target analyte. Matrix effects result in ion suppression (loss of signal) or ion enhancement (gain in signal). Matrix effects have a negative impact on the accuracy, precision, and robustness of the method.

Having cleaner samples means longer column lifetime, less instrument downtime and minimize costs in manpower and equipment maintenance. In a word, Sample Prep makes your analytical lab more productive and offers more sensitive and reproducible LC-MS analysis.

Sample preparation is often introduced as a major bottleneck, i.e. the most difficult and time-consuming step. However, Waters provides valuable documentation regarding your sample preparation challenges. Download our resource kit to get application notes, scientific articles, webinars & testimonials.

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Waters fit-for-purpose sample preparation methods

Waters sample preparation solutions for quantitative analysis make it easy to deliver a sample that is reproducible, yields high recovery and is free of interferences. Based on a simple, logical workflow that provides clean samples through selective separations, Waters sample preparation products maximize sensitivity, increase throughput and spur the development of robust methods.

One of Waters major concerns is to help users developing a fit-for-purpose method. Waters manufacturers are there to help. Together, we can evaluate various options to determine the best fit for your lab.



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  • On-demand Webinar #1: This 1-hour video covers the why and how to solve sample preparation problems.
  • On-demand Webinar #2: This video gives principles and practical tips for developing sample preparation methods..
  • Application note: Mass Spectrometry Application Solutions for Endocrinology Research. Whether you are in search of a novel biomarker, looking to define the potential utility of a suite of markers or looking to take a routine research method to a new level of performance, Waters can help you make a difference. For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.
  • Application note: Accurate Quantification of intact Insulin-like Growth Factor I (IGF-I). This technology brief demonstrates analytically sensitive, accurate, and robust quantification of intact IGF-I in biological matrix using a simple sample preparation workflow, an analytical LC and HRMS. For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.
  • Application note: This application details the simultaneous extraction and quantification of Saxagliptin, 5-Hydroxy Saxagliptin, and Dapagliflozin from plasma using a simple, mixed-mode SPE sample preparation in the μElution format, and subsequent UPLC-MS/MS analysis. For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.
  • Sample preparation Whitebook: A 42-pages document on how to implement robust, reproducible and cost-effective sample preparation methods for most analytical techniques (HPLC, UPLC, LC-MS, UV, GC...)
  • Simplify Sample Preparation Brochure: Learn how to ensure optimum results on your sample preparation method with our solutions aimed to provide the desired level of sensitivit while being mindful of laboratory workflow.
  • LC-MS Clinical Laboratory Workflow Tour: Waters is focused on providing you the resources you need to help you achieve your scientific goals from sample preparation to result in the clinical laboratory.
  • Waters Chromatography Columns and Supplies Catalog: The Waters Chromatography Columns and Supplies Catalog contains many of today's leading separation technology products that feature the latest innovations for sample preparation.
  • How to choose a column brochure: Introducing Waters’ particle technologies and column formats to help you choose the best column to deliver throughput, resolution, and efficiency for your next chromatographic challenge.
  • Clinical Solutions Brochure: At Waters we understand that Clinical Diagnostics is more than collecting data. We know that behind every test tube you handle, and analytical instrument you operate, is a person that you help. That’s why we provide clinical solutions that you can trust every step of the way.


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