XSelect Premier 2.5 µm Columns

Maximize Selectivity with Problem-Solving Technologies

XSelect Premier 2.5 µm Columns combine modern particle technologies and ligands, ideal for the wide range of analytes encountered in method development, with the protection of MaxPeak High Performance Surface (HPS) Technology. They are purposefully designed for maximum selectivity with problem-solving technologies. XSelect Premier Columns are available in a standard column format or a VanGuard FIT (Fully Integrated Technology) column format. The VanGuard FIT Column is an all-in-one guard and column design that’s easy-to-use, and extends column lifetimes when analyzing samples in challenging matrices.

To maximize selectivity, XSelect Premier 2.5 µm Columns are built on one of two innovate base particles technologies, Charged Surface Hybrid (CSH) and High Strength Silica (HSS). Each have its own set of attributes that are designed to address the toughest of separation challenges. The MaxPeak HPS Technology ensures accurate results, by mitigating unwanted interactions between analytes and metal ions associated with stainless-steel column hardware. High performance chromatographic separations require balanced, controlled interactions between your analytes, mobile phase, and the analytical column. With XSelect Premier 2.5 µm Columns you now have the assurance that you can solve your method development challenges, and those methods will be reproducible across your method lifecycle.  

You can expect:

  • Reduced column conditioning and passivation, leading to higher productivity
  • Improved sensitivity and peak shapes, leading to better quality data
  • Increased reproducibility from analysis to analysis, leading to more confidence in analytical results
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