SYNAPT G2-Si Applications

There are three dimensions of resolution.
SYNAPT G2-Si is the only way to view them all.


Chromatography. Mobility. Mass. Sometimes mass resolution and chromatography are not enough. With high-efficiency ion mobility, you can use an additional dimension of separation, based on molecular size and shape. That's SYNAPT G2-Si High Definition MS. And it delivers the highest levels of selectivity and peak capacity without compromise. See the proof...

Ion Mobility in Pharma R&D Applications Take a look at a range of documents including peer reviewed journals, webcasts and applications notes that cover areas such as separating conformers, characterizing with cross sections measurements and generating cleaner spectra.
Ion Mobility in Omics Applications See how Triwave enables better characterization through enhanced fragmentation, generate cleaner spectra and remove matrix/isobaric interferences in this collection of documents.
Food & Environmental Applications Take an in-depth look at a range of documents that show you how you can separate isomers, get cleaner spectra and remove isobaric/matrix interferences with Waters Triwave technology.
Chemical Materials Applications See the proof in a range of document about how Triwave technology can help you see more of what's in your sample including confirming/characterizing with cross section measurements and isomer and conformer separation.