DNA/RNA Oligonucleotide Separations

Addressing Challenges in LC and LC-MS Based Analyses

Reversed-phase and ion-exchange chromatography for the analysis of synthetic oligonucleotides and related DNA/RNA species is well documented in their ability to purify and analyze these heterogeneous entities (e.g., full-length oligonucleotide product from undesired shorter and longer length sequences). With increased use of MS detection, Waters introduced the XTerra C18 family of "hybrid particles" that are MS compatible with increased high pH tolerance based on various application needs. Waters second-generation of XBridge C18 hybrid columns were introduced to expand performance characteristics.

  • Scalable offering in 1.7 μm UPLC particles,  2.5 μm HPLC/UHPLC particles, and 5 µm lab-scale preparative particles in various column dimensions.
  • Increased confidence in results: MaxPeak Premier Columns with MaxPeak HPS are available for those who have more challenging samples that are prone to metal affinity; providing improved sensitivity, recovery, reproducibility, and less time-consuming column conditioning. ACQUITY Premier and XBridge Premier Oligonucleotide Columns are available in 1.7 µm and 2.5 µm particle sizes.
  • Exceptional sample resolution and superior column life.
  • Confidence in results: All columns are QC tested with relevant application standards to help ensure consistent batch-to-batch and column-to-column performance.
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