Biomarker Translation

It’s time to smooth the bumps in the road with Waters solutions for biomarker translation

Waters' solutions for biomarker verification and validation facilitate a smooth translation from discovery experiments to robust, high throughput, and high-sensitivity quantitative methods using tandem quadrupole or high-resolution time-of-flight MS systems. LC-MS based methods overcome many of the limitations of antibody-based techniques, such as ELISA or protein arrays, such as poor reproducibility, antibody development time, batch-to-batch reagent variability and the lack of multi-plexing capabilities. For protein biomarker validation in large sample cohort studies, scientists had to choose between nano-flow LC for high sensitivity or normal flow LC for throughput and robustness.

With the ionKey/MS system, scientists no longer have to make this choice and can now quantify low abundant protein biomarkers with high throughput and high sensitivity.

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Advancing Translational Research with LC-MS Innovations
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