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MassPREP Enolase Digestion Standard

MassPREP Enolase Digestion Standards | 186002325

Product Description

Waters MassPREP™ Enolase digestion standards is prepared by digesting Yeast Enolase (SwissProt P00924) with sequencing grade trypsin. The resulting protein digest contain no undigested standard protein, trypsin, or other hydrophilic components. Each batch of protein digestion standard is prepared under strict quality control criteria. Test results from each batch of digestion standard are contained on an included Certificate of Analysis report. MassPREP™ Protein Digestion Standards are useful in a variety of applications that include performance evaluation of HPLC columns, high performance liquid chromatography, and mass spectrometry instrumentation used for the analysis of this class of compounds.




  • Application

    System Performance

  • Brand


  • Product Type


  • Units per Package

    1 pk

  • Separation Mode

    Reversed Phase

  • Detection Method

    MS, UV

  • Formulation


  • Storage

    Room Temperature

  • System Type

    LC, LCMS

  • Shelf Life

    60 Months

  • Shelf life upon reconstitution

    1 Week

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