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TruView LCMS Certified Clear Glass 12 x 32 mm Screw Neck Vial, with Cap and Preslit PTFE/Silicone Septum, 2 mL Volume, 100/pk

TruView LCMS Certified Clear Glass Vial | 186005666CV

Product Description

TruView LCMS Certified vials are produced following tightly controlled manufacturing processes and handling procedures. They are tested for cleanliness by mass spectrometers and for low analyte adsorption by ACQUITY/MS/MS.


  • Certified

    TruView LCMS Certified

  • Closure Type

    Screw Neck

  • Cap Color


  • Dimensions

    12 x 32 mm

  • Material

    Clear Glass

  • Seal Material

    preslit PTFE/Silicone

  • Volume Capacity

    2 mL

  • Type

    Autosampler vial

  • Includes

    Vial, Cap, & Septum



  • Application

    Sample Preparation

  • Brand


  • Product Type


  • Units per Package

    100 pk

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What Kind Of Glass Is Used For TruView LCMC Certified Clear Glass Vials?

All Waters clear glass vials are made using Type 1, 33-Expansion Borosilicate Glass. This is the most chemically inert glass available, generally used in high precision laboratories to prevent any alteration of test results. This glass has an expansion coefficient of approximately 33 x 10 ^ -7 C. It is composed primarily of silicon and oxygen, with trace amounts of boron and sodium present and is the least reactive glass available. Surface treatment is generally not required with the use of these vials, though it can be important in small containers.

TruView LCMS Certified Clear Glass 12 x 32 mm Screw Neck Vial, with Cap and Preslit PTFE/Silicone Septum, 2 mL Volume, 100/pk

Most chromatographers have experienced inconsistent analytical results due to analyte adsorption on the surface of glass vials, especially when working at the low analyte concentrations common today. It is not uncommon for a sample stored in these vials for extended periods of time to ultimately lead to total analyte loss because of the glass surface. When polar analytes are able to adsorb to the glass surface through polar-polar interaction or ion exchange mechanisms, the overall amount of available sample can be reduced. TruView LCMS Certified Clear Glass Vials were designed to overcome this specific issue.

Using a proprietary manufacturing process, TruView LCMS Certified Glass Vials are able to minimize adsorption. This process’s conditions limit the concentration of free ions on the glass surface, yielding high recoveries of polar analytes. All vials are rigorously tested for dimensional characteristics, chemical cleanliness, and adsorption using a variety of techniques such as LC/UV and UPLC/MS. This testing uses MS detection with an unbiased approach, looking for any ionized masses regardless of their source. Tests are run in scan mode with specifications set on total ion count and presence of clusters in the high mass range.

This TruView LCMS Certified Glass Vial features a screw neck vial, which allows for an excellent seal and mechanically holds the septum in place during piercing. The Preslit PTFE/Silicone septum provides adequate venting to prevent vacuum formation in the vial, delivering excellent reproducibility between sample draws. Black Cap and Preslit PTFE/Silicone Septa can be bought separately as needed. Shop for lab equipment to browse more.

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