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Waters Insulin Diol (OH) Column, 125Å, 10 µm, 7.8 mm X 300 mm, 5K - 150K, 1/pk

Insulin HMWP SEC Columns | WAT201549


  • Chemistry


  • Separation Mode

    Gel Filtration (aqueous)

  • Particle Substrate


  • pH Range Min

    2 pH

  • pH Range Max

    8 pH

  • Maximum Pressure

    6000 psi (415 Bar)

  • Bonding Technology

    Diol (OH)

  • Silanol Activity


  • Molecular Weight Range Min


  • Molecular Weight Range Max


  • Particle Shape


  • Particle Size

    10 µm

  • Endfitting Type


  • Pore Size

    125 Å

  • QC Tested


  • Format


  • System


  • Technique


  • USP Classification


  • Inner Diameter

    7.8 mm

  • Length

    300 mm



  • Application


  • Brand


  • Product Type


  • Units per Package

    1 pk

Hazaradous Material This product contains hazardous material which requires special freight handling. Additional charges may apply.

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What Does HMWP Mean?

HMWP stands for a high molecular weight peptide. Insulin is an example of an HMWP, with an average of 5,793.6 g/mol. A high molecular weight increases the impact resistance of the material, such as insulin. This higher degree of entanglement means that in order to rupture, more polymer bonds must be broken. The polymer can therefore absorb more energy before it fails. For this reason, a high molecular weight increases the chemical resistance of a molecule. HMWPs will also have more viscosity, making it harder to process the material using conventional methods.

Waters Insulin Diol (OH) Column, 125Å, 10 µm, 7.8 mm X 300 mm, 5K - 150K, 1/pk

As an HMWP HPLC column, the Waters Insulin Diol (OH) Column is designed specifically for use when manufacturing and performing quality control tests on insulin products. Each column is tested for performance in the analysis of impurities with molecular masses greater than those of insulin itself. The sub-2 μm ethylene bridged hybrid (BEH) silica packing material combined with Waters Ultra Performance Liquid Chromatography (UPLC) lab equipment offers a number of advantages in this analysis. Chromatographers will see faster run times, higher sensitivity, and higher resolving separations of insulin and covalent insulin HMW, simultaneously reducing acetonitrile containing waste stream volumes significantly.

When using size exclusion chromatography, the use of Waters Insulin Diol (OH) Columns along with the ACQUITY UPLC Protein BEH SEC Column, 200Å, 1.7 µm, 4.6 mm X 300 mm, 10K - 500K, 1/pk has been shown to significantly improve the resolution of insulin components. This is done while simultaneously reducing analysis time and the use of mobile phase in separations. Compared to traditional SEC-based analysis, these columns show significant improvements in resolution when analyzing covalent HMW insulin in therapeutic preparations.

This column will come with one per package and has a particle size of 10 μm and a pore size of 125 Å. The inner diameter is 7.8 mm while the column is 300 mm in length. Please be aware this product contains hazardous material which will require special freight handling. Maximum operating pressure in Waters Insulin Diol (OH) Columns is 6000 psi (415 bar), with a pH range of 2 to 8 and a minimum molecular weight range of 5000.

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