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ACQUITY UPLC Protein BEH SEC Column, 200 Å, 1.7 µm, 4.6 mm X 300 mm, 1/pk

ACQUITY UPLC Protein BEH SEC Columns | 4.6 mm X 300 mm | 186005226

Product Description

Based upon the highly successful BEH particle technology, the ACQUITY UPLC Protein BEH SEC Column, 200 Å, 1.7 µm, 4.6 mm X 300 mm represents the first commer­cially available sub-2-µm SEC chemistry. Fully optimized for the analysis of proteins and their aggregates with molecular weights ranging from 10000 to 450,000 Daltons, the total system solution will routinely deliver fast, accurate aggregate determinations up to 10 times quicker that traditional HPLC-based SEC methods.   Note:  The same column is also available with the BEH200 SEC Protein Standard at no additional cost. (PN: 176003905)   Also note that for optimal SEC separation performance, this column is designed for use in UPLC SEC applications with an appropriate low LC system volume.


  • Chemistry


  • Separation Mode


  • Particle Substrate


  • pH Range Min

    2.5 pH

  • pH Range Max

    8 pH

  • Temperature Limits

    60 C

  • Maximum Pressure

    10000 psi (690 Bar)

  • Endcapped


  • Bonding Technology


  • Silanol Activity


  • Molecular Weight Range Min


  • Molecular Weight Range Max


  • Particle Shape


  • Particle Size

    1.7 µm

  • Endfitting Type


  • Pore Size

    200 Å

  • QC Tested


  • Format


  • Packing Solvent

    20% methanol in water

  • Surface Area


  • System


  • Particle Technology


  • USP Classification


  • Inner Diameter

    4.6 mm

  • Length

    300 mm

  • Carbon Load

    12 %

  • eCord




  • Application


  • Brand


  • Product Type


  • Units per Package

    1 pk

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What is BEH Technology?

One of the key enablers behind UPLC technology, the 1.7 µm BEH (Ethylene Bridged Hybrid) particle is available in varying pore sizes and bonded phases, allowing both reversed-phase and hydrophilic interaction chromatography. The technology applies to a range of small molecule to large molecule biopharmaceutical analysis. Hybrid particle technology has intrinsic chemical stability, allowing for a wider usable pH range [pH 1-12]. This also enables a versatile, robust separation technology for method development. The BEH particle technology is available in a variety of HPLC particle sizes [2.5, 3.5, 5, and 10 µm] which allows for a seamless transition between HPLC and UPLC technology platforms.

What is UPLC?

UPLC stands for Ultra Performance Liquid Chromatography. It is the next step in separation science beyond HPLC, or High Performance Liquid Chromatography. UPLC Columns are packed with smaller particles [1.7 — 1.8 µm], enabling your lab to achieve the highest level of chromatographic performance. With UPLC Technology, your lab can improve resolution, sensitivity and speed, all without compromise.

ACQUITY UPLC Protein BEH SEC Column, 200Å, 1.7 µm, 4.6 mm X 300 mm, 10K — 500K, 1/pk

Built using the successful BEH particle technology, like all our other lab equipment, for protein separation, the new patent-pending ACQUITY UPLC BEH200 SEC column is the first commercially available sub 2 in SEC chemistry. This column is designed to characterize proteins ranging in molecular weight range from 10,0000 to 450,000 daltons. This includes monoclonal IgG monomers and their aggregates. The diol-bonded surface was selected to allow for a stable chemistry with minimal non-desired secondary interactions for proteins and peptides.

As a part of the Waters ACQUITY UPLC technology line, these columns deliver enhanced component resolution in less time than other frequently used methods. Your laboratory will benefit from the ability to rapidly separate and accurately quantitate protein or peptide monomers from their aggregates.

The ACQUITY UPLC Protein BEH SEC Column can help you to accurately measure aggregation species up to 10 times faster than traditional SEC methods and with less eluent needed. You will also be able to drastically reduce the requirement for high salt concentration mobile phases, decreased any non-desired, ionic sedentary interactions between protein or peptide and the SEC particle surface.

All columns are manufactured in a cGMP, ISO 9001 certified plant using ultra-pure reagents and tested individually for optimal efficiency. As a part of the process, each batch of Protein Separation Technology SEC packing material is rigorously tested and qualified with a protein test mixture. All results are held to the narrow specification ranges which ensure reproducibility in their performance.

For fast, accurate aggregate determinations, these Acquity UPLC BEH columns are a crucial part of the total system solution using Waters super BEH technology and UPLC technology to meet your laboratory future and current demands.

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