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Viridis Silica OBD Prep Column, 100Å, 5 µm, 30 mm X 50 mm, 1/pk

Product Description

Combining state-of-the-art media manufacturing with the industry leading column technology, Viridis Supercritical Fluid Chromatography (SFC) columns bring a new level of reproducibility to the world of laboratory scale purification. Viridis SFC columns are available for analytical and preparative chromatography as Viridis SFC 2-Ethylpyridine columns and Viridis SFC Silica columns. Larger preparative column formats are manufactured using Waters patented Optimum Bed Density (OBD) Technology. 2-Ethylpyridine chemistry is successfully used for a wide range of achiral SFC applications due to its retention, peak shape and selectivity properties. Viridis SFC 2-ethylpyridine columns also provide high reliability and reproducibility and can be used for analytical and preparative applications. Based on Waters long history of chromatographic silica production, the Viridis SFC Silica columns are designed to be highly reproducible and predictable based on tight product specifications and very low metal content.


  • Brand


  • Product Type

    Preparative Columns

  • Units per Package

    1 pk

  • Endcapped


  • Endfitting Type


  • Format

    OBD Prep Column

  • Inner Diameter

    30 mm

  • Length

    50 mm

  • Separation Mode

    SuperCritical Fluid (SFC)

  • Particle Shape


  • Particle Size

    5 µm

  • Particle Substrate


  • Pore Size

    100 Å

  • Silanol Activity


  • Surface Area


  • System

    SFC Preparative

  • Particle Technology


  • Technique


  • Maximum Pressure

    6000 psi (415 Bar)

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