SKU: WAT020510
Sep-Pak Alumina N Plus Long Cartridge, 1710 mg Sorbent per Cartridge, 50 - 300 µm, 50/pk - WAT020510

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Product Description

Sep-Pak Alumina N Plus Long cartridges contain a highly active grade of alumina with a neutral surface chemistry. The aluminum oxide surface provides an extremely polar surface for analyte retention and has properties of a Lewis acid. This normal phase sorbent is similar in use to silica; however, it is slightly more stable than unfunctionalized silica under high pH conditions. This neutral alumina is suitable for applications such as synthetic crude oil fractionation. These versatile Plus Long cartridges can attach easily to pumps and syringes for reliable, positive-pressure flow to speed up the sample processing time. They can also be fitted with removable reservoirs and used on vacuum-assisted flow devices and certain automated systems.


  • Brand


  • Units per Package

    50 pk

  • Chemistry

    Alumina N

  • Format

    Plus Long Cartridge

  • Mass Spec Compatibility


  • Mode


  • Particle Size

    50-300 µm

  • Pore Size

    120 Å

  • Sorbent Substrate


  • Sorbent Weight

    1710 mg

  • Water Wettable


  • pH Range Min

    0 pH

  • pH Range Max

    10 pH

  • Hold up volume

    1.2 mL

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