Waters ACQUITY QDa Detector

* 1 - Do you work in a QUALITY CONTROL Laboratory?

No - in a Method development laboratory
No - in a discovery laboratory
No - in an organic synthesis' laboratory
No - in a purification laboratory
No, in another laboratory type

* 2 - In which market?

Other market

* 3 - How do you currently analyze your samples?

LC with optical detection (UV/ELSD/FLR)
LC with Mass Spectrometry (SQ/TQ/High Res)

* 4 - Which kind of MS do you use?

Tandem Quadrupole
Single Quadrupole
High resolution MS
I don't use MS today

* 5 - Are you considering buying/incorporating a mass detector for your daily routi

Yes - within 6 months
Yes - within a year
Yes - longer term
No consideration yet

6 - How important is data integrity for you?

It is essential
It is getting more important
It is nice to have
It is not important

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