Forensic and Forensic Toxicology solutions

Forensics and Forensic Toxicology solutions

Whether you need to identify seized drugs, present reliable forensic toxicology data in court, analyze prohibited substances in a sports doping investigation, monitor illicit drug use or keep up with the demand to identify new psychoactive substances, Waters provides integrated system solutions and application expertise that will enable you to produce high quality information with confidence. 

Waters provides a wide range of solutions for forensic laboratories from compact low cost mass detectors, high performance tandem quadrupoles to high resolution Time-of-Flight (ToF) mass spectrometer systems that offer unmatched ease-of-use, accuracy, and sensitivity. 

With industry leading liquid chromatography, mass spectrometry, informatics, and chemistries combined with a deep understanding of forensic, Waters has developed a portfolio of complete solutions, specifically designed for forensic laboratories that will produce information that both the expert and novice user can confidently rely on.

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Comprehensive Screening ACQUITY I-Class UPLC/Xevo G2-XS QTof and UNIFI takes accurate mass screening to a new level of ease-of-use and reliability, making it the most comprehensive soluion for untargeted screening and identification novel psychoactive substances (NPS).
Definitive Drug Analysis Use the ACQUITY UPLC I-Class/Xevo TQ-S micro System for the detection and quantification of a wide variety of drugs and metabolites encountered in forensic laboratories for routine drug testing of urine and oral fluid samples.
確認分析 液相層析為法醫毒理學實驗室定量及確認分析所使用之技術。
未知化合物之篩選 LC/MS被視為可取代傳統篩選方法的強大、實用方法。
耗材 作為分析儀器和化學品領域的領先製造商,Waters深知準確、可靠且重現性好的結果對臨床和法醫實驗室的重要性。分析所選用的耗材不應導致分析結果產生變異;這也是為什麼我們的UPLC層析管柱和HPLC層析管柱、樣品製備產品、認證的樣品瓶以及相關配件生產均在最高品質標準下完成。




Responding to the Challenge of New Psychoactive Substances in Forensic Toxicology with Targeted and Non-Targeted Informatics Workflows
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