Waters offers a wide array of column choices and formats, including but not limited to HPLC, UPLC, UHPLC, GPC, SFC, and SEC.  Select the ideal column for your application, and simplify your methods development, validation, and transfer throughout your organization.

Our fully scalable particle technologies ensure that our LC columns perform with a broad range of chromatographic instrumentation. Depending on the goals of a separation, the instrument platform used, or the sample type, you can choose the most suitable column that is matched to your system’s configuration without adversely affecting the chromatographic result.

Our quality mission is to ensure that the Waters’ Columns you use today are the most reproducible and reliable LC columns available. As a primary manufacturer of silica and hybrid particles, scientists can be assured of consistent column performance, batch-to-batch reproducibility, and product availability over the life of the analytical method.




MaxPeak Premier管柱 感受最高境界的層析分離效能、彈性與正確度,同時增強全世界科學實驗室的實力。
UPLC Columns Over 200 combinations of column configurations and chemistries, UPLC Columns give faster separations with higher resolution and sensitivities using sub 2 µm particles at 1241 bar pressures
UHPLC Columns Our focused selection of UHPLC columns highlight the performance advantages modern UHPLC instrumentation.
分析級及製備級管柱 由創新化學和技術所支持的業界領導HPLC管柱。藉最佳化的方法開發或純化技術提昇實驗室效能
ACQUITY APC管柱 使用ACQUITY超效能高分子層析(APC)管柱分離處理複雜的合成高分子和大分子,發揮優異的效能與可靠性。
Column Performance and Data Management A holistic solution designed to track column usage and system performance with the ACQUITY UPLC Family of instruments, eCord Intelligent Chip Technology and Empower Chromatography Data System.
GPC&GFC管柱 在油相與水相分子篩分離管柱有更廣闊的選擇。增進您可溶性聚合物及蛋白質的分析。
Nano and Micro LC Columns The capillary trapping and separation columns are designed for reliable micro- and nano-scale UPLC separations. They are are optimized for maximum sample recovery and deliver superior chromatographic resolution through efficient use of small particles.
OBD(管柱最佳充填)技術 創新的製造程序結合了硬體、顆粒特性及充填的柱床密度,因此締造了管柱卓越的穩定性、優異的再現性、樣品負載量以及極高的管柱效率。
SFC管柱 Waters分析級與製備級SFC管柱兼有正相層析的替代選擇性與逆相層析的易用性及可靠性,適用於掌性與非掌性分離。
iKey Separation Device ionKey/MS systems are enabled by the iKey Separation Device, which replaces the need for traditional fittings and columns and simplifies the user experience.
生物分離管柱與耗材 可準確分析胜肽、蛋白質、寡核苷酸、聚醣和氨基酸的化學耗材。
技術 Waters提供獨特的創新技術。