Mass Spectrometry Imaging

Imaging mass spectrometry is a technique that allows chemical information to be obtained directly or via the use of matrices from a wide range of surfaces. MS Imaging provides information on the spatial distribution of molecules at or near the surface. Imaging provides beautiful and information-rich images that allow scientists to answer the fundamental question: “Where is this component in my sample?”

FSMI 全谱图分子成像 全谱图分子成像系统结合先进的质谱(MS)成像技术,能够为众多应用领域提供全面、高质量的分子空间分布信息。
DESI XS DESI XS DESI XS – 一种新型的DESI成像分析离子源,旨在利用创新科技实现更高的质量、可靠性和简便性。
高清成像(HDI)软件 沃特世个高清成像(HDI)软件可简化MS成像工作流程。用户只需一个直观的界面,即可完全整合SYNAPT G2-Si质谱仪和Xevo G2-XS DESI成像实验中的所有步骤。