Laboratory Automation

Streamline LC-MS Workflows

Laboratory automation is quickly becoming a critical component of the modern lab to streamline pharmaceutical, life science, and analytical LC-MS workflows. Automation of routine and complex sample preparation helps minimize variability, improve traceability, and simplify method transfer. Ultimately bringing improved efficiency to the lab and allowing scientists to increase their productivity.

Waters offers verified automation solutions that increase the efficiency of liquid chromatography workflows.

  • Advanced, automated, robotic laboratory assistants
  • Automation-ready application kits designed for various automation platforms
  • Verified platform scripts and detailed user guides to ensure seamless deployment and robust analytical method performance



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Automation Connected Devices and Accessories Automation Connected Devices and Accessories An ecosystem of connected devices that Andrew Alliance is building with partner organizations to support laboratory workflows.
Andrew+ and OneLab 在LC和LC-MS样品制备工作流程中实现自动化液体处理 Andrew+机器人和OneLab软件组成了一套现代化的自动移液工作站,设置非常简单,无需丰富的编程或工程经验。
Automation kits and scripts 自动化工作流程试剂盒和脚本 沃特世样品制备试剂盒可以充分发掘自动化工作站的潜力。这些试剂盒与多款行业标准平台兼容,可以无缝整合到您的工作流程中,轻松实现自动化,在大幅提升实验室效率的同时,避免了编写复杂手动处理脚本所固有的问题。