Bioseparations Columns & Consumables

Innovating Solutions to Help Solve Your Toughest Challenges

Our scientists, engineers, and application chemists continue to develop innovative columns and sample preparation consumables that support HPLC, UPLC, UHPLC, LC-MS analyses or lab-scale purification of oligonucleotides, amino acids, peptides, proteins and glycans. Our promise is to provide you with:

  • Solutions you can count on
    • Reproducible and robust columns and systems
    • QC tested the way you use it
  • Results you can trust
    • Wide range of technical expertise/application notes
    • Data integrity with our informatics solutions
  • Flexibility that you require
    • Scalability/Transferability (UPLC/UHPLC/HPLC)
    • Easy-to-use automation

Amino Acid Analysis Solutions Waters leads the way in amino acid analysis by bringing together its most groundbreaking, popular technologies – ACQUITY UPLC and AccQ•Tag Ultra – to create the UPLC Amino Acid Analysis Application Solution.
BioResolve Consumables for mAb Characterizations Consumables that help streamline analytical challenges associated with mAb characterizations and associated biotherapeutic drug separations.
Glycan Analysis Solutions Waters continuously drives technology advancements to improve glycan analysis. Today our combined sample preparation and analytical technologies provide biopharmaceutical analysts with smart workflows for glycan monitoring and characterization.
Laboratory Automation Lab automation is a critical part of streamlining LC & LC-MS workflows. Waters offers solutions that improve workflow efficiency, visit us today to learn how.
MС и ВЭЖХ/МС расходные материалы для биомолекул Легкие в использовании, QC- тестированные МС и ВЭЖХ/МС продукты для подготовки образцов, включая высокоочищенные стандарты, реагенты, MALDI матрицы, наборы и методы.
Белки Широкий спектр UPLC и HPLC колонок для выделения и характеристики белков для высококачественных, воспроизводимых разделений.
Олигонуклеотиды Инновационные колонки и продукция для подготовки образцов для выделения и анализа ДНК, РНК или «гибридных» синтетических олигонуклеотидов.
Пептиды Уникальное семейство колонок, отвечающее всем требованиям пептидного разделения от протеомики и пептидной карты до выделения.