Industrial growth. Agricultural processes. Municipal waste. Each poses a very real threat to the environment and human health. It is critical that governments and businesses seek out the most effective analytical innovations to detect and identify chemical contaminants.

Waters thoroughly understands the specialized needs of environmental testing laboratories. Our system solutions include LC columns & sample preparation, environmental standards, chromatography, mass spectrometry and software. Whatever the challenge – sample throughput, trace detection, complex matrices, data management or regulatory compliance – Waters has a solution.

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Carbamate Analysis System Carbamate Analysis The Alliance System for Carbamate Analysis is a complete system for the analysis of N-methylcarbamate and N-methyl-carbamoyloxine pesticides and related compounds in a variety of environmental and food samples.
Dioxins and Furans Cutting edge instrumentation is enabling laboratories in food, feed and environmental industries to make increasingly sensitive Dioxin/furan measurements.
Pesticides in Water Waters environmental solutions provide the sensitivity, specificity, and compound confirmation needed for screening and quantifying pesticide residues in agricultural commodities, drinking water, and surface water.
Pharmaceuticals and Personal Care Products (PPCPs) Waters offers a portfolio of highly innovative technologies to detect and quantify PCPP compounds and screen for the presence of their metabolites.
Environmental and food testing for per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances PFAS Analysis Solutions Turnkey PFAS applications for complete analysis solutions from standards and reagents to columns and LC-MS systems.
Screening Platform Solution with UNIFI Target, identify, quantify, and review using a streamlined analytical workflow that enables more accurate results across a wide range of applications. The platform combines instruments, software, Analytical Standards and Reagents, and chemistries.
Air Air Sample preparation products for air monitoring, which when combined with our instrumentation, software, and standards, provides critical information for scientists, engineers, and regulators focused on air quality.
Biosolids listing image Industrial or wastewater biosolids Waters environmental laboratory solutions, consisting of instrumentation, standards and sample preparation products are used for biosolid analysis in laboratories throughout the world.
drinking water listing image Drinking Water Offering a portfolio of solutions designed to meet the needs of the Water Quality Chemist, Waters is your partner for environmental testing. We provide instrumentation, software, LC columns, sample preparation, and standards.
soil listing image Soil With its innovative portfolio of sample preparation technologies – notably the industry leading Oasis products – Waters provides comprehensive solutions to your soil testing challenges.
Oil Spill Oil Spill Solutions Products, methods, applications, and other resources for oil contamination testing and clean-up.
Surface Water A portfolio of system solutions designed to assist the environmental laboratory in rapidly and accurately detecting contaminants in surface water.
wastewater listing image Wastewater Waters offers a variety of instrument, sample preparation, liquid separation, and software solutions to help optimize wastewater testing in your laboratory.