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Analysis Of Brominated Flame Retardants Using The Autospec Ultima NT
Library Number: 720000720EN | Format: PDF | File Size: 335.44 kB | Year: 2003 | Content Type: Application Notes

Analysis Of Brominated Flame Retardants Using The Autospec Ultima NT

A Study of the Analysis of Polybrominated Diphenyl Ether Flame Retardants by GC/MS/MS
Library Number: 720001021EN | Format: PDF | File Size: 715.85 kB | Year: 2004 | Content Type: Application Notes

Polybrominated diphenyl ether (BDE) flame retardants have been of increasing concern to environmental analysts in recent years and have recently made front page news1. Current analytical techniques for BDE analysis generally involve the use of HR/GC-H...

Consumer Products Testing Application Notebook
Library Number: APNT134876628 | Format: PDF | File Size: 6645.81 kB | Year: 2016 | Content Type: Application Notes

Applications for the analytical testing of consumer products for biocides, disperse dyes, flame retardants, phthalates, and primary aromatic amines (PAAs)/Azo dyes.

APGC-MS/MS Investigation of a Complex Mixture of Polyhalogenated Dioxins and Furans (PXDD/Fs) Genera...
Library Number: APNT134919768 | Format: PDF | File Size: 406.13 kB | Year: 2016 | Content Type: Application Notes

Learn how APGC coupled to a Xevo TQ-S tandem quadrupole instrument can better characterize dioxin and furan generation (polybromo- and mixed halogenated) that firefighters and first responders are exposed to.

Utilizing the Speed and Resolution of UPLC to Enhance MS/MS Detection of HBCD & TBBP-A Diastereomers
Library Number: APNT10009295 | Format: PDF | File Size: 1374.84 kB | Year: 2015 | Content Type: Application Notes

This application note describes a solution that provides increased resolution and shorter run times for the analysis of Hexabromocyclodecane (HBCD) and Tetrabromobisphenol-A (TBBP-A) diastereomers using UPLC-MS/MS.