Developing Liquid Chromatography Methods for Food Analysis

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With the expansion of the food chain to now include the entire globe, the challenges facing food companies and scientists have grown exponentially. Consumers worldwide are becoming more aware of the quality and origin of the food they consume and are demanding stricter regulations to protect their safety. Governments are enacting new laws in an effort to protect their populations as well as local businesses. Global food corporations are searching for strategic ways to grow their businesses while also ensuring that products are safe and their brands are protected.

Working towards achieving these goals, it is critical that new analytical methods fulfill their intended purpose. A clear and concise understanding of how to develop methods can enhance a laboratory’s operation and maximize both the analytical and business impacts of the information which is generated.

Waters Corporation has been working for decades to develop tools and techniques to streamline the method development process. Partnering with governments, research organizations, and industry partners has equipped Waters with the keen understanding necessary to produce accurate, fast, and cost-effective solutions to help ensure a safe food supply.

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