Temperature and Pressure in Modern Chromatography, Part 1: Theoretical Considerations

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Uwe Neue, Waters Corporation
Waters Whitepaper
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Since the introduction of Ultra Performance LC (UPLC) instrumentation, separation speed and performance continue to be subjects of intense discussion in the community of chromatographers. The higher pressures available now enable the chromatographer to reach a better performance in a shorter period of time than was possible with larger particles.

To some degree, the use of elevated temperature in HPLC has a similar promise – better performance in a short period of time. Of course, in modern Ultra Performance LC instruments, both features can be used together to simultaneously optimize both parameters. It is therefore worthwhile to discuss the influence of both parameters together and compare them to each other. A change in temperature has two primary consequences. One is the improvement in the speed of the separation; the second one is the change in the selectivity of a separation.This white paper briefly discuss both elements.

Part 2 of this white paper, Testing the Theory and Capabilities, 720001755EN, continues the discussion.

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