Topics in Liquid Chromatography: Part 1. Designing a Reversed-Phase Column for Polar Compound Retention

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Patrick D. McDonald, Douglas McCabe, Bonnie A. Alden, Nicole Lawrence, Daniel P. Walsh, Pamela C. Iraneta, Eric Grumbach, Fang Xia and Paula Hong
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Test Mixture: Thiourea; 5-Fluorocytosine; Adenine; Guanosine-5''-monophosphate; Thymine. Uracil, Propranolol, Butylparaben, Naphthalene; Dipropylphthalate; Acenaphthene; Amitriptyline; Norepinephrine; Epinephrine; Dopamine; 3,4-Dihydroxyphenylacetic acid [DOPAC]; Serotonin [5-HT]; 5-Hydroxy-3-indoleacetic acid [5-HIAA]; 4-Hydroxy-3-methoxyphenylacetic acid [HVA]; Cytosine; 5-Fluorouracil; Guanine
Test mixtures
Atlantis dC18 5 µm Steel 4.6 mm 150 mm Atlantis T3 C18 5 µm Steel 4.6 mm 150 mm Atlantis T3 C18 3 µm Steel 4.6 mm 75 mm ACQUITY UPLC™ HSS T3 1.8 µm Steel 2.1 mm 50 mm

Latest refinements reflect the culmination of more than three decades of proprietary experience in improving retention, selectivity, peak shape, and stability via substrate synthesis, particle morphology manipulation, and surface modification.

Fully aqueous-compatible packings have been made by combining properly tailored silica substrates with a novel, new, T3-bonding process, designed to create bonded phases with enhanced stability in acidic solutions and excellent peak shape. These columns set a new performance standard for polar compound retention and selectivity in HPLC and UPLC™ separations.

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