Method For The Simultaneous Analysis Of PCDD/FS And DLPCBS Using Dual Microbore Column GC/HRMS In Sinter Ash Samples, Allowing The Determination Of Totals Group Concentrations

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Worrall, K[2];Aries, E[1];Anderson, D[1];Newotn, A[2];Rao, R[2].
DIOXINS; Barcelona; 11th-16th August; 2002
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Other Symposium
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--To provide a rapid method for the simultaneous determination of the WHO-PCBs and PCDD/Fs, plus all non-target tetra-hepta chlorinated PCBs and non 2,3,7,8-Chlorinated PCDD/Fs. ---EBE geometry double focussing magnetic sector mass spectrometer. --Staggered splitless injection using dual microbore capillary GC columns. --50 to 150% time saving based upon standard laboratory methods, with total run time of 50.5 minutes. --Limits of detection and overall sensitivity maintained when compared with single column methods.

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