Development and Validation of a Rapid, Routine LC-MS/MS Assay for the Analysis of Tacrolimus (FK506) Using Microlitre Volumes of Whole Blood and Single Point Calibration Micromass (ASMS 2002)

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Cooper, D.P[1];Keevil, B.G[2];McCann, S.J[2];Morris, M.R[1]
ASMS; Orlando; 3rd-6th June; 2002
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A rapid LC/MS method for routine therapeutic drug monitoring of the immunosuppressant Tacrolimus (FK506) is presented. Microlitre volumes of whole blood are used making the assay useful for analysis of paediatric and capillary blood samples. The assay is precise (intra-assay CV<7%, inter-assay CV<6%) and accurate. Comparison with and existing immunoassay (n=99 heart and lung transplant recipients) demonstrates the superior specificity of the LC-MS/MS method. Reanalysis of the data using single-point calibration gives results that are not significantly different (9=0.32; paired t-test) allowing rapid analysis of critcal samples.

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