A Study of Band Broadening Effects in HPLC

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Pamela Iraneta;Bonnie Alden;Marianna Kele;Uwe Neue [Waters]
HPLC 2003
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The van Deemter equation has been used extensively to describe the relative magnitude and sources of dispersion leading to band broadening in HPLC. The magnitudes of the reduced terms in the van Deemter equation will be compared across bonding chemistry, particle size (2.5µm to 5µm), and particle composition (silica versus hybrid). The data will be reviewed in light of papers published over the past 5 years concerning the major sources of dispersion: static zone versus mobile zone. The acquisition of data that accurately describes band broadening in the chromatographic column requires an in depth understanding of the limitations of all components of the chromatographic system. The effects of system dispersion, injection delays, digital conversion of data, and choice of column configuration on the data will be described.

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