Simultaneous Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis of Whole Proteomes and Complex Protein Mixtures Using Accurate Mass and Chromatographic Information

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Roy Martin, Jeff Silva, Keith Richardson, Kieran Neeson, Scott Geromanos
Waters Poster
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Other Symposium
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This poster illustrates the quantitative and qualitative capabilities of the new Waters® Protein Expression System. This system was designed to analyze complex mixtures and quantify changes in protein levels through the relative area difference of accurately measured peptide chromatographic peaks. Since data were acquired in triplicate in alternate scanning low and elevated energy accurate mass LC/MS mode, each peptide measurement has both quantitative statistics and fragmentation information for qualitative assessment. The alternate scan method has considerably higher duty cycle than traditional data-directed analyses which are performed in a serial manner. It also makes full use of the speed and accuracy of an OA-Tof analyzer.

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