Application of ESCi UPLC MS/MS in Drug Discovery and Development by ACQUITY UPLC with Quattro Premier

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Kate Yu, Peter Alden, Waters Corporation;Susan Li, Edward Kerns, Wyeth Research
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Other Symposium
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In this poster, Waters discusses how to tdevelop an ESCi-LC/MS/MS high throughput microsome stability test in order to demonstrate the advantages of ESCi multimode ionization and the Waters ACQUITY UPLC for higher throughput and broader compound coverage in drug discovery. This poster also show how to evaluate a protocol with the ESCi multimode ionization available on Waters mass spectrometers, and to evaluate the Waters ACQUITY UPLC System''s impact on high throughput (HT) processes.

This poster was presented at Chemical and Pharmaceutical Structure Analysis (CPSA) conference in Princeton, N.J., Oct. 19-21, and at the Montreaux LC/MS Symposium in Switzerland, Nov. 10-12, both 2004.

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