Time of Flight Mass Spectrometry as an Invaluable Tool for Specific Identification of Reaction and Degradation Products within Medicinal Chemistry

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Michael McCullagh, Lena M. von Sydow
Waters, Montreux
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The use of reversed phase HPLC coupled to orthogonal acceleration time-of-flight mass spectrometry (oa-TOF-MS) is routinely chosen as the analysis method of choice within Medicinal Chemistry departments in the pharmaceutical industry. The continuous flow of compounds from synthetic chemists necessitates fast and specific analysis providing elemental composition confirmation of the target compound. The motive to this is to improve the quality of data and to minimize the risk of delivering the wrong compound for biological screening. The technique is also used for the determination of the identity of any by-products or degradation products present. This information is important to facilitate the interpretation of biological activity data and the understanding of reaction mechanisms. This poster was shown at: Montreux LC/MS Symposium on LC/MS, SFC/MS, CE/MS and MS/MS, Montreux, Switzerland, November 10-12, 2004.

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