The Use of Automated Software for LC/MS/MS Analysis

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Da Ren, Himanshu S. Gadgil , Paul Rainville, Roy Martin, Beth Gillece-Castro, Reb J. Russell and Jeff R. Mazzeo [Waters]
Pittcon 2004
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Human Serum Albumin
BioSuite PA-A C18 3 µm Peptide Analysis Column 2.1 mm 250 mm
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The analysis of MS/MS spectra is a time consuming, labor intensive activity. In proteomics, the peptide sequence is identified from a large database using data dependent acquisition and analysis. However, in the analysis of a well characterized therapeutic, there is a known sequence and a well defined list of modifications. This presents a different set of issues than those in proteomics. We utilize a software package and methodology which automates MS/MS sequencing and analysis of biotherapeutics. A monoclonal antibody was fully characterized two enzyme digestion and analysis by MS/MS. The software demonstrates the ability to identify peptides modified by deamidation, oxidation, lysine variation etc… The information obtained from the automated system provides in-depth analysis and characterization information about the antibody.

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