A Novel Algorithm to Track Ions or Peptides Found in LC/MS in Multiple Injections of Multiple Complex Biological Samples

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Guo-Zhong Li, Marc V. Gorenstein, Scott Geromanos, Jeff C. Silva, Craig A. Dorschel and Timothy Riley
Waters ASMS 2004 poster
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Purpose: Track isotope ions or peptides (EMRT: Exact Mass Retention Time) from the Waters® Protein Expression System for quantitative studies of peptides/ proteins Keys of technology: Data is acquired by the Protein Expression System. The collision cell of the Micromass® Q-Tof Ultima Mass Spectrometer is operated in alternating low energy (to produce mutiple peptide ions) and elevated energy mode (to produce all fragmentation ions from multiple peptides) Lock mass and < 10 ppm mass accuracy of the Q-Tof instrument Low energy data (parents) and elevated energy data (daughters) are linked together by retention time Exact mass and retention time are used to track ions or peptides between injections and samples EMRT: Exact Mass Retention Time MPDS: Protein Expression System Standards

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