Practical Considerations in the Application of UPLC to LC/MS Peptide Mapping

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Thomas Wheat, Jo-Ann Jablonski, Beth Gillece-Castro, Uwe Neue, Diane Diehl
ISPPP 2007, October 21 - 24, 2007, Orlando, Florida
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Peptide mapping with reversed phase HPLC is an established technology for the analysis of protein structure.  Coupling the chromatographic separation to mass spectral detection synergistically increases the information available.  In characterizing variant structures in a protein sample, complications can arise.  Low abundance peptides, representing trace modifications, may be overlooked or lost in the more intense signal representing the native structure. We have optimized peptide separations to ensure the highest quality spectral data for characterizing trace modifications of a protein. An essential element of this optimization is UPLC® peptide mapping for higher resolution than is possible with HPLC. 

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