Evaluating the Tools for Improving Purification Throughput HPLC 2006

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Paul M. Lefebvre, Warren B Potts III, Ronan Cleary, Robert S. Plumb
HPLC 2006, June 17-23, San Francisco, CA
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Chemists are constantly looking for ways to improve the overall throughput of their purification system. Time is the limiting factor for throughput, and there are 2 areas where time savings can be achieved. These are in the amount of time required to perform a separation and the amount of time between injections. An approach for decreasing the analysis time includes the to use of shallow or narrow gradients. Approaches for decreasing the time between injections include column regeneration techniques, and automatically ending the purification run after the desired target has been collected. This poster was shown at the HPLC conference in San Francisco, CA on June 17-22, 2006.

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