A Novel Approach for Reducing Fraction Drydown Time (2006 poster)

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Paul M. Lefebvre, Warren B Potts III, Ronan Cleary, Robert S. Plumb
HPLC 2006, June 17-23, San Francisco, CA; ISC 2006, Aug. 21-25, Denmark
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This poster shows the development and optimization of a method that removes the water and reduces the overall volume of a collected fraction. This method works by injecting and trapping the previously collected fraction onto a preparative column. The fraction is trapped by diluting the loading flow with 100 % aqueous mobile phase. After the trapping has been completed, 100% organic mobile phase is passed through the column to elute the sample. Collection of the target is triggered by the MS detector and the collected fraction is now in 100% organic mobile. This poster was shown at the HPLC tradeshow in San Francisco, CA on June 17-22, 2006, and at the International Symposium on Chromatography (ISC), Aug. 21-25, 2006 in Copenhagen, Denmark.

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