SPE: Citius, Altius, Fortius

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Patrick D McDonald
22nd International Symposium on Chromatography [ISC ''98], Rome, September 15th, 1998
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Oasis® HLB 30 mg 1 cc Cartridge Oasis® MCX 60 mg 3 cc Cartridge Oasis® HLB 30 mg 96-well Plate Oasis® HLB 10 mg 96-well Plate
Vitamin A palmitate; Vitamin E acetate; Vitamin D2; Naproxen; Ibuprofen; Salicylic Acid; Sulfadiazine; Sulfamerazine; Acetaminophen; Theobromine; Paraxanthine; Theophylline; Caffeine; Procainamide; Ranitidine; Oxycodone; Propranolol; Naltrexone; Salbutamol; Doxepin; Nordoxepin; Nortriptyline; Imipramine; Amitriptyline; Trimipramine; Betamethasone valerate; Methadone; Methadone metabolite [EDDP]
porcine serum; urine
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µBondapak CN 10 µm Steel 3.9 mm 300 mm SymmetryShield RP8 3.5 µm Steel 4.6 mm 75 mm SymmetryShield RP18 5 µm Steel 3.9 mm 150 mm
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ABSTRACT: This year marks the twentieth anniversary of the commercialization of the first miniature cartridge columns containing silica-based adsorbents designed for SPE (1). The ideas that led to this invention, the history of column liquid-solid phase extraction [CLSE - modern SPE], and the rapid development of SPE in the last two decades as a preferred sample preparation technique will be traced. SPE is hundreds of years old; fragrance manufacturers in Grasse to this day still extract labile oils from jasmine petals via the ancient process of embedding them in paraffin wax. Pioneering work by Schwartz in the 1950''s and 1960''s in which CLSE was performed on both the mini- and micro-scale (in glass melting-point capillary tubing), with on-column derivatization and/or complexation, specific for certain compound classes, is virtually unrecognized today. So, too, are some of the first laboratorty-scale applications of hydrophobic polymers for reversed-phase CLSE by Bradlow in the late 1960''s. There were three characteristics of the first commercial product for CSLE/SPE that led to the rapid adoption of the technique: a convenient, efficient, disposable, miniature column format; a family of reproducible, reliable sorbents chosen and quality-controlled specially for SPE; and a package that maintained the integrity of the sorbent until it was used. A new generation of formats and stationary phase chemistries which enable the practice of SPE to be faster, with higher sample throughput, and stronger performance will be emphasized. The unique properties of new sorbents which have spurred a renaissance in the use of polymer packings and dramatically improved SPE performance will be reviewed. (1) PD McDonald, RV Vivilecchia, DR Lorenz, Triaxially Compressed Beds , US Patent #4,211,658 (1980).

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