Quantitative Label-Free Nanoscale LC/MS Analysis of HIV Drug-Tested Human T-Cell Cultures

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Johannes P.C. Vissers, Kurt Vermeire, Dominique Schols, Thérèse McKenna, Timothy Riley, James Langridge, Peter D. Verhaert
HUPO 2006 October 28 - November 1 Long Beach, Ca
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Other Symposium
One modern way of studying the molecular mode of action of a potential next generation class of anti-HIV compounds is to look at the effect on the proteins expressed by compound treated T-cells versus untreated ones. The results presented here are from a label-free quantitative LC-MS analysis of Human T-cell line proteins. The effect of the treatment was monitored by utilizing the relative quantification results, which provided invaluable input for the investigation on the mechanism of action of the compound on targeted and non-targeted cellular components.

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