Comaprison of Flavonoid Glycoconjugates Profiling in Leaves of Blue Lupine using LC/MSn and UPLC/MS Systems

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D. Muth, E. Marsden-Edwards, H. Major, S. Preece, M. Stobiecki and P. Kachlicki
LC/MS Montreux Symposium 2006 November 8 - 10 Montreux, Switzerland
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Flavonoids are usually accumulated in tissues as glycosides, frequently acylated with organic acids (e.g. malonic acid), with a large number of isomeric conjugates differing in the hydroxylation pattern of the aglycone as well as position and pattern of glycosilation and acylation.  Identification of different derivatives may be achieved using tandem LC/MS techniques.  In addition, tandem MS can be used to distinguish between O– and C– glycosylated flavonoids.

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