A Comparison of Matrix Effects, Speed and Sensitivity in UPLC and HPLC

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Erin Chambers, Diane M. Diehl and Jeffrey R. Mazzeo
ASMS 2006 May 28-June 1 Seattle, Wa
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ASMS 2006 Micro and Nano Scale Separation: Use mobile phase pH to move compounds away from interferences and improve retention, resolution and sensitivity. Mixed-mode solid phase extraction results in cleaner extracts than PPT, and improves method robustness by reducing buildup on LC columns. UPLC™ provides increased resolution from endogenous compounds and closely related compounds over HPLC. UPLC™ improves S/N over HPLC, which improves LOD/LLOQ, helping to compensate for ion suppression.The combination of mixed-mode SPE and UPLC™ with high pH for ionizable bases is the best solution for minimizing matrix effects in bioanalytical analyses.

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