Oligonucleotide Analysis on XBridge™ and XTerra® Columns

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Hua Yang, Martin Gilar and Edouard S. P. Bouvier [Waters]
HPLC 2006, June 17-23, San Francisco, CA
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The analysis of oligonucleotides by reversed-phase HPLC poses challenges using traditional chromatographic sorbents. Traditional silica-based stationary phases have limited stability at elevated temperatures and high pH. In 1999, dramatic improvements in column stability were realized with the commercialization of the first generation hybrid silica organic chromatographic XTerra® columns by Waters. XTerra® MS C18 columns have previously been demonstrated to provide enhancements in both performance and column lifetime over silica sorbents for this application, which employs elevated temperatures and high pH for optimal resolution. More recently, the second generation bridged-ethyl hybrid (BEH) technology has been commercialized with the introduction of XBridge™ columns, thus further improving column lifetime and performance. In this study, experiments were performed to compare column lifetime and selectivity of XBridge™ C18 and XTerra® MS C18 columns for the analysis of single stranded, synthetic DNA and RNA oligonucleotides.

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