An Ultra High Throughput Method for Simultaneous Determination of Rates and Routes of Metabolism with a Single Injection using UPLC-Q-Tof

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Stephanie Dudd, Peter Jackson, John Shockcor*, Jose Castro-Perez* (Waters);Sveinn Briem, Eva Floby, Anna-Karin Sohlenius-Sternbeck (Research DMPK, AstraZeneca R&D)
ISSX 2006 June 4-7, 2006 Manchester, UK
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The metabolic fate of all probe substrates was determined in this study. Both Phase I and Phase II metabolites were readily detected. Incubations of each compound individually demonstrated that none of the cocktail compounds were affected by inter-substrate interactions. EDC enabled us to obtain very good quality data for MS/MS especially when looking at low level metabolites.The software, MetaboLynx 4.1, is user-friendly and performs an excellent job in extracting metabolites with exact mass from the in vitro incubations.

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