A Fluorescence Detector for UltraPerformance LC

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Tanya Jenkins, Patricia McConville, Andrew Aubin, Mark Benvenuti, Jeannine Jordan
Pittcon 2007 February 25-28 Chicago, IL; HPLC 2007 June 17-21, Ghent, Belgium
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UltraPerformance LC is a separation technique based upon sub 2 micron particles and the LC system designed to take advantage of the separation potential of these particles.  There has been increasing interest in expanding UPLC to include high sensitivity detection techniques such as fluorescence.  However, the narrow peak widths achieved with UPLC can pose a problem to conventional LC detection systems.  The ACQUITY UPLC FLR detector design incorporates a low volume flow cell which serves to reduce the  extra column band broadening which can negatively impact chromatographic resolution. The ACQUITY UPLC FLR detector is also capable of collecting at data rates up to 80Hz  to ensure optimum definition of the very  narrow peaks generated by the UPLC technique.  With these requirements met, HPLC methods can easily be transferred to the ACQUITY UPLC FLR while maintaining high levels of sensitivity. In addition to meeting UPLC requirements, the ACQUITY FLR employs tools to aid in detection method development.  The scan features and 3D capabilities available on the ACQUITY FLR can help reduce the time needed to develop detection methods.

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