High Throughput Extraction of Drugs from Plasma with a Generic Sorbent in a 96-Well Format

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Cheng, Yung-Fong;Bean, Laura;Bonin, Robert;Bouvier, Ed;Capparella, Mark;Iraneta, Pam;Neue, Uwe;Phillips, Dorothy
HPLC''98, St. Louis, May 3-8, 1998
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Oasis® HLB 30 mg 96-well Plate Oasis® HLB 30 mg 1 cc Cartridge
Procainamide; Ranitidine; Doxepin; Acetaminophen; Propranolol; Caffeine; m-Toluidine; Toluamide; Benzoic acid; Ibuprofen; Naproxen; Salicylic acid; Sulfadiazine; Sulfamerazine; Theobromine; Paraxanthine; Theophylline; Oxycodone; Naltrexone; Salbutamol; Verapamil; Norverapamil; Methoxyverapamil; Amitriptyline; Nortriptyline; Trazodone; Amphetamine; Methamphetamine; Enalapril; Enalaprilat; Dipropyl phthalate
Saline; Porcine serum; Human plasma
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SymmetryShield RP8 5 µm Steel 3.9 mm 150 mm
ABSTRACT: Sample preparation is required to maximize the quality of the analytical results and to minimize the downtime of expensive, high-overhead analytical tools such as LC/MS/MS systems. Historically, liquid-liquid extraction and protein precipitation have been the bottleneck in laboratory productivity since they are not easy to automate. Presently, solid-phase extraction (SPE) has been proven to be more readily automated for high sample throughput. The most common high throughput sample preparation is solid-phase extraction in a 96-well format. The enabling technology for 96-well plates is the single reversed-phase sorbent that can be used to extract all drug classes from biological fluids. A generic sorbent and a simple SPE method are the keys to automating the analyses for pharmacokinetics studies in drug discovery and the clinical trial samples in drug development. This paper shows that using the generic Oasis (R) HLB sorbent, in a 96-well format, can increase sample preparation productivity. With a simple and well-thought-out SPE method development strategy using the polymeric Oasis (R) sorbent, we were able to obtain excellent results for a wide range of compounds. Recoveries greater than 85% and variability less than 5% were obtained on Oasis (R) HLB extraction plates for basic compounds (such as antidepressants and their metabolites) and for polar drugs (such as procainamide and ranitidine). More importantly, because the Oasis (R) HLB extraction sorbent is universal, one general method was used for extracting many different drugs covering a wide polarity range.

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