Waters System Solutions: Quantitative Analysis

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Tandem mass spectrometry, or MS/MS, is quickly becoming the acknowledged industry standard for quantitative analysis. From routine screening to trace monitoring, analysts are now relying on tandem MS for accurate, precise analysis and high throughput. The Waters solution revolutionizes quantitative LC/MS/MS analysis, delivering unmatched sensitivity and speed. We combine uniquely designed complementary analytical and informatics technologies for a truly integrated system, including our ground-breaking ACQUITY Ultra Performance LC (UPLC) system, Quattro MS/MS technologies, chemistries and software. The result is an unparalleled suite of compliant-ready system solutions for high-throughput UPLC/MS/MS and GC/MS/MS applications. Expect superior sensitivity, specificity and productivity—and maximum efficiency for a variety of applications, from pharmaceutical drug discovery, environmental and clinical analyses, to general quantification tasks.

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